Tompkins Cortland Community College President Carl Haynes spoke at the February 25th meeting of the Ithaca Rotary club.

Carl started his presentation by saying it was a pleasure to be here as always.  He shared  a few updates on what is happening at TC3.   The 2007-2008 Annual Report is now out, reflecting the 40th anniversary of the college.   TC3's challenges are different from those at CU and IC, according to Haynes.   TC3 enrollments are growing; fall enrollment was up 8 percent while this spring the enrollment increased an additional 6 percent.  The enrollment increase over the last 3 year period was a total of 25 percent overall.  If enrollment  meets current projections it will have grown 100% in the past twelve years. This increase has been driven by two major factors. Because of the weak economy, students are seeking more education and training to make themselves more attractive to employers.  Also, TC3 does offer a lower-cost alternative. In poor economy a Community College's Enrollment usually goes up because people looking to return to school and improve their skills, Haynes said.

This year two new residence halls have come on line creating a total of  820 residences on campus.   These residence halls cover 25 percent of total college population.   New academic facilities and new courses are also being added.   

However, the current economic climate presents challenges, including an expected government support cut of 10 percent.  This amounts to approximately $850,000 and will have a certain impact.  However, there are no layoffs planned at TC3; in fact, additional staff  is needed.  

Dr Haynes announced that TC3 won accolades during its accreditation process by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.  It has been re accredited for 10 more years. In contrast, 50 percent of like colleges were put on warning last year , according to Haynes. 

Another sign of innovation is that Learning Communities, in which students are housed by area of interest, are growing in popularity.  TC3 will be first school of its kind with Learning-Community-based residence halls. TC3 has initiated partnerships with 40-50 business clients through  In addition the technology program has won national awards for the last three years in how it is used by students and faculty.