In a recent on-line survey of Ithaca Rotary Club members, more than 93% of respondents said that they were either somewhat or very satisfied with their participation in club activities and projects. With one exception, the 72 members who answered the survey said that they felt welcomed in our club, and were, for the most part, satisfied with the costs associated with being a Rotarian (dues, lunch costs, voluntary contributions). 
When asked to rate various components of the weekly meetings, food was rated as needing improvement by almost half of our members.  Music and singing received the widest range of responses, with 61% satisfied while 39% were dissatisfied. Some wanted a return to music every week, while others said that there should be no music.

Fifteen respondents reported that they were either definitely or probably attending the Rotary International Convention in Montreal in June 2010.

An open-ended question which asked what we can do to attract new members elicited a variety of suggestions:

·         Each member asking one person.

·         Have more publicity about the good that Rotary does.

·         Have compelling and meaningful service projects.

·         Offer lots of opportunities for fellowship.

·         Be more specific about what Rotary does-make the case.


Another open-ended question asked what would improve the effectiveness of the club. Some suggestions were:

·         More interaction among the members; more fellowship; occasionally breaking up regular seating patterns.

·         More social activities outside of the Wednesday luncheon.

·         Streamline the meeting; make sure speakers have adequate time; reduce announcements.

·         Use new social networking tools like Facebook to improve image and communication; use e-mail for late breaking news.


Thanks to everyone who responded.