Rotarian of the Year Award
At our June 17, 2020 meeting, out-going Club President Frank Towner took part in the annual presidential tradition of selecting this year's Rotarian of the Year. He shared with us the thought process and many vital questions he needed to ask himself before arriving on his choice for this important honor - Linda Brisson.
His personal message detailing that process follows:
Given the responsibility to choose the Rotarian of the year is no small feat. 
So many friends, fellow believers and inspired workers. Together, working tirelessly to improve life locally and around the world. Phew... what an awesome thought. 
Who do you identify as the person of this club to receive this award. Even though it is chosen by the President I believe it is an award that should be recognized by all the club members as deserving.
Linda Brisson
The action of this person that all can see, the challenges overcome to accomplish goals, the hard decisions to meet the need. 
Are they responsible to a group?
Are they leading an idea or initiative that is new or ongoing?
Do they honor our 4 way test?
Are they humble while working diligently to make a difference?
Do they do what they do with joy?
Are they part of the year's goals set forth by this President?
Is their work sustainable ?
Can the work be picked up by someone if they were not here to lead?
Is there a base of solid ground to maintain and build further?
Who do they interact with?
How do they interact with others?
How wide is their reach?
Many names came to mind...  Many Rotarians meet the answers to many of the questions I asked myself. 
When you have a feeling, an intuition or an inspired chill about a decision...  I think that is what makes it right.
Linda Brisson is a bundle of joy and I am proud to be her friend and recognize her as 19-20 Rotarian of the year for her undeniable commitment to Youth Exchange and all that comes with the leadership of this program on behalf of all of us in the Ithaca noon club. 
Respectfully submitted and warmly sent,
Frank Towner
President 19 - 20