Rotary Linen Closet at Catholic Charities

Description: Committee members collect sheets, towels and toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, shampoo, body lotion, etc. and transport it to Catholic Charities. This project benefits low-income residents of Tompkins County.
Frequency: Twice a year usually in April-May and September-October
Location: Catholic Charities of Tompkins/Tioga
324 W. Buffalo Street
Ithaca, NY 14850
Contact: Renee Spear, Director, 607-272-5062
History: This service project began under the leadership of Heidi Goldstein, when she was Club President in 2006-2007.
Financial Support: The project received several district grants in its early years [This could use some accurate information—name of grant fund, years, amount, grant application if available, etc.] Currently this operates solely with volunteer support.
Note: District simplified grant received October 2012 for $1,000. [From June Losurdo]
Committee Chair: Jean McPheeters
Committee members: The committee should have at least 3 members.
Last updated: January 12, 2015 by Jean McPheeters
How or Process:
  1. In June or July the Linen Closet committee chair checks with Community Service chair to see if timing of collection in late March and early September conflicts with any other Community Service projects.
  2. Committee chair checks with Club President to see if a collection from the members conflicts with anything else on the Rotary calendar and gets agreement for a few weeks (such as the last two Wednesdays in September).
  3. Committee chair calls Catholic Charities, checks to see if these dates will work for them (I've never had a conflict) when it would be okay to collect and deliver items. Asks whether there are specific items that are needed at this time. Gets agreement for a 2-3 week period.
  4. Ask Club President if Committee chair can make a brief announcement from the podium at the meeting the week before collection begins.
  5. Committee chair sends message to members using Club Runner about 2 weeks before the collection begins. Message should ask members to check their linen closets for used sheets and towels in good condition and/or to purchase some linens or toiletries for the collection, which will be on 2 specific dates. Let people know that they can get a receipt for an in-kind donation and ask them to tell you if they want one.
  6. Send reminders using Club Runner on the Mondays preceding the 2 Wednesdays. Remind people to put the items in their cars!
  7. Position club member(s) cars near the entrance to the meeting by 11:35 on the 2 Wednesdays. Stay by car until 12:15.
  8. Deliver the items to Catholic Charities.
  9. Remember to take some photos of members delivering items to committee members and of delivering to Catholic Charities. Post these photos on Club Facebook and on website. Or email them to Publicity Committee chair or newsletter chair.
  10. Pick up some donation forms at Catholic Charities (at front desk) and have them signed and dated. Some club members will want these. Bring them to the next club meeting and distribute them.
  11. Report to the Club Service Chair and President on the amount of goods collected. (Something like 4 carloads or #pounds (if possible).
  12. Get a quote from someone at Catholic Charities that we can use in Publicity. Get that to Publicity Committee chair.