The Little Apple Fall Follies (LAFF) began in 2010 when Ithaca's Rotary Club and Savage Club joined forces, combining their passion for community and performance. Initially coinciding with the Apple Harvest Festival, LAFF showcases county-wide talent like Running to Places and Armstrong School of Dance. Despite interruptions, including COVID, LAFF has raised over $100,000 for local causes. In 2024, after a hiatus, LAFF returns with community support and upcoming artist features, promising an exciting program and opportunities for involvement.
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What does that mean, exactly??  

In 2010, two of Ithaca’s oldest groups dedicated to supporting worthy causes in the community combined forces, and shared their love of performing , to produce a terrific variety show at the State Theatre.  It was the first Little Apple Fall Follies, and LAFF was born.

The Ithaca Rotary Club, founded in 1915 as part of an international fellowship of service above self; and the Savage Club, established in 1895 as a brother organization to its namesake in England, put their talents and energy together to bring the community a night to enjoy and remember.  

The first LAFF coincided with the Apple Harvest Festival, and featured great talent from all over the county.  Running to Places, classical music ensembles, and dance by the wonderful Armstrong School of Dance were all featured in a great night of entertainment.

But the best thing about this very first event is that it raised over $7,000 for community organizations, through Rotary and Savage Club grant programs.  Since that first LAFF, Ithaca Rotary and the Savage Club have been able to make over $100,000 in grants to local arts groups, kids’ support groups, programs for food security, and so much more.  (Please see our What We Support article, for a spotlight on some agencies we’ve supported.)

LAFF missed a few years due to the disruption of COVID, but in 2024 the show will go on!  We are thrilled at the responses of the community of artists who have agreed to be part of the show, and we’ll be featuring artists each month up to October, here on this website.  

A full program of the LAFF 2024 experience is in the works.  If you are a community-minded business, please consider purchasing an advertisement in the Gazette!
Check this space for updates and opportunities to be involved!