The Little Apple Fall Follies on October 5th at Kulp Auditorium will feature John Simon and Cal Walker, a duo entertaining children for nearly 20 years with musical storytelling. John, a musician and radio host, and Cal, a community leader and literacy advocate, are based in Ithaca, NY. Organized by the Ithaca Rotary and Savage Clubs, the event raises funds for community grants, youth exchange, and international aid.

As the Little Apples Fall Follies event draws closer, let’s take a look at some of the performers who will be sharing their talents with us onstage!


Let’s start with John Simon and Cal Walker.


John Simon and Cal Walker have been bringing books to life as a team for nearly twenty years, entertaining children of all ages in schools and college campuses and some of the most beautiful theaters in Central New York. John writes the music, sings and plays the guitar, and Cal reads the books and sings along using hand motions to act out the pages as audiences are encouraged to join in on the fun. They’re based in Ithaca, NY where they currently serve as literacy emissaries for The Children’s Reading Connection.


John also hosts WVBR’s “Rockin’ Remnants," Ithaca’s institution for unearthing oldie treasures, and plays with Radio London.


Cal, an Ithaca Rotarian, co-founded Village at Ithaca, and is a gentle but strategic and effective force in our community.


The Little Apple Fall Follies will be taking place on Saturday, October 5th at Kulp Auditorium in Ithaca High School.


LAFF is organized by the Ithaca Rotary Club and the Savage Club to help raise funds for community grants, youth exchange and international aid.