At the Friends of the Library booksale on Sunday, May 22, the club purchased 1384 books, and packed them in 32 cartons in one hour!

Total cost to purchase the books: $156.85.  These books joined another 16 cartons of donated medical textbooks which were collected at the Cayuga Medical Center thanks to the work of Rotarians Drs. Jim Fogel and Raj Rao. We now have 48 cartons of books on two pallets of books, headed for children and doctors around the world.

Thanks to Barry Stein, Kelly Buck, Rick Hendricks, Mary-Lynn Cummings, David Flaccus, and Eric Harrington for helping.

Special thanks to Suzy Koontz for bringing her daughters and our exchange student Fer; and to Patrick McKee for lending us Marty who not only drove the Challenge truck, but helped select and pack.

A big thank you to our heavy lifters Kale and Andrew from Alpha Sigma Phi, Cornell University.

A really big thank you to the Friends of the Library who not only let us in ahead of the general public,(thanks,  Peg)  but also made sure that we had access to the best children's books (thanks, Laurel) and helped us count, pack and tape (thanks, Sandra).

And finally thanks to my daughter Katie who help me assemble and tape  thirty two cartons in record time, and to my fellow Rotarian and husband Edward who helped us at every step of the way.

This is the third pallet of books which we have sent in the last twelve months, but another possible fourth one was accidentally discovered by Patrick McKee on Monday when he saw a tenant in his building tossing away textbooks. Patrick quickly moved to capture at least another 24 cartons of school and medical textbooks which were headed for our local landfill.

Books for the World is a terrific, inexpensive, hands on international project which supports literacy throughout the world. Our club has taken the lead in our district and we can be proud of our efforts.