Ithaca Rotary Club members Bettsie Park and Bill Hawley were recently named Rotarians of Month by Rotary District 7170 Governor Robert Ross in recognition of their joint service as Club Secretary and Treasurer. At the end of June 2012, Secretary Bettsie Park completed seven years of service; while club Treasurer, Bill Hawley completed five years of service. Their successors have been elected and both Bill and Bettsie are in the process of training their replacements.
Bill learned that following the money tells you a lot about the club and its priorities. Every project and activity involves money so Bill has a detailed picture of what is happening. He was often able to put financial matters in context since he knew the history of club finances. As club Secretary, Bettsie knew everyone, from the moment a new member applied for membership to the time when a resignation is tendered. She found satisfaction in working one on one with members, answering questions and solving problems. For the past four years, Bettsie has been a resource for other club secretaries during Rotary District Assemblies.

Both Bettsie and Bill served as the corporate memory of the club, attending every board meeting, while at the same time protecting the confidentiality of members.
Bill is a detail oriented person who is consistently in full command of the responsibilities his position demands. He is prompt, courteous and efficient, capable of managing conflicting demands without missing a beat. Bill could be counted on to be the voice of practicality, with excellent analytical skills, and a strong focus on the strategic objectives of the organization. He is now Chair of the Club’s Foundation Committee.

With her remarkable attention to detail and her ability to retain vast quantities of information, Bettsie has worked for the Club with devotion and maintains the highest standards of ethics and efficiency. The time Bettsie has devoted to the position cannot be estimated, and her commitment to it cannot be underestimated. She is looking forward to focusing on other club projects.

Both Bettsie and Bill represent the highest standards of excellence in performing their duties. Congratulations to both on your recent recognition as Rotary District 7170 Rotarians of the Month.