At the October 28th meeting, Sarah Ellsworth honored the four winners of this year's Pride of Workmanship Awards.

Sarah spoke about the large number of nominations that are sent in by people who want to recognize their employees who go beyond the call of duty; who are the Unsung Heroes of their organizations and who make work and life easier for their co-workers, clients, etc.  She noted how difficult it is to select the winners of these awards and suggested that anyone who submitted a nomination that wasn't chosen do so again next year.  Sarah then introduced each nominator who introduced us to their nominee who was selected to win the award.

The award winners and their Nominators are as follows:


  1. Gary Armstrong -- Foodnet/Meals-On-Wheels-Nominated by Joseph Fort
  2. Betty Falcao-Director of Health Planning Council-Nominated by Alice Cole
  3. Katrina Morse-Assistant Director of - Nominated by Brigid Hubberman
  4. Monika Roth - Extension Educator for Agriculture Programs- Nominated by Dan Klein

Sarah ended the presentation by thanking the committee for their hard work and dedication to this program.