June 29, 2022
Reporter:  Joanne Lamoureux

Wednesday’s meeting:
“Pass the Gavel”
Meeting at Coltivare and on Zoom


Our “Club Assembly” was chaired by Past President Geoff Dunn.
General conversation abounded, and the meeting was called to order with the “ding” of Heidi’s bell; Geoff commented that he was looking forward to the Fourth of July holiday weekend.
We began with the Pledge of Allegiance recited in unison by all tuning in to the Zoom meeting.  Loralyn Light sang “America,” known as “My Country tis of Thee,” for us.  There were no guests or visiting Rotarians.

Brad Carruth; photo Mike Brown


Brad Carruth delivered the thought, quoting Mark Twain:  
“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” 
“I can live a good two months on a compliment.”


  • Pass the Gavel is next Wednesday at Coltivare in person; we’re currently expecting 75 guests!
  • Jennifer Jones is our first female President of Rotary International this year; her photo is on the cover of the July issue of Rotary magazine.Kelly Buck; photo Mike Brown
  • In person meetings will be resuming as of July 20th—“Personal Plus Meetings”—in person at St Catherine’s Community Center, off Hanshaw Road, with Zoom as the “plus.”  Lunches will be ordered from Adam’s Corners Café (formerly Hope’s Events & Catering), who will deliver the lunches to the meeting.  Help is needed for setup.  There will be multiple emails to the membership each week with all of the pertinent information.
  • Kelly Buck reminded everyone of the Rotary Road Rally, scheduled for July 24th!  The website has been a little glitchy—apologies!  The starting point is the Varna Community Center.
  • Several members attended the District Pass the Gavel welcoming our new District Governor.  The Rotary International theme for 2022-23 is “Imagine Rotary,” with “Rediscover Rotary” as our district’s theme.


Today’s Happy Dollars will be going towards Community Grants for this year.
  • Mary Kane’s sinus infection is almost gone.  She is really happy that the leadership of the Community Grants committee—Kelly Buck and Bob Gravani—are moving the process seamlessly forward; she pledged $150.
  • Heidi Goldstein pledged $5 for this weekend’s return to live theater for Running to Places.  Seussical will be performed, and there are no admission fees!Joanne Lamoureux; photo Mike Brown
  • Angela Sullivan expressed gratitude for Community Grants—$50—and a second $50 for the beginning of the new facility for the Alcohol & Drug Council.
  • John Barradas talked about planting trees and an ornithologist who hopes we will participate in data collection/citizen scientist.  $5
  • Paul Martin participated in his first happy dollars!  His company was taken over by Cloudmed.  He’s on sabbatical, so will have more time for volunteerism!  $50.
  • Joanne Lamoureux pledged $135:  $92 for her mother-in-law who lived with her for 8 years prior to her passing, plus $1 per person in attendance.
  • June Losurdo’s precious snowflake, John, has just begun a new job in cyber security.  $10
  • Brad Carruth pledged $98 for his cataract surgery and LAFF tickets.
  • Loralyn Light pledged $50 for the Community Grants.


Geoff Dunn received an enormous response to his request for “What’s My Line?” questions and proceeded to present some to those in attendance:

  • Geoff Dunn; photo Mike Brown“My first public musical performance was as a member of a marching band when I was in the fifth grade.  My music performance experience continued off and on and now, as a senior citizen, I was most recently playing with country–blues–country rock–rock band.  Who am I?”

  • “People may not know that I first came to Cornell as the only female Chemical Engineering student in 1954.  I lasted for two years and then transferred out, along with a bunch of other engineering students.  It was too cut-throat.  Who am I?”
  • “I am a registered Native American and member of the Sioux Lakota tribe in Wounded Knee, South Dakota. Who am I?”
  • “When I was 9 years old our family visited Mount Rushmore.  I wrote a poem and it was published later that year in the GE Employee Newsletter.  Who am I?”
  • “My wife and I graduated from Cornell the same year but we have known each other our entire lives because our mothers went to grade school together in Auburn, NY. Who am I? ”
  • “I was a Rotary exchange student to Sweden.  Because my club sent students when they were juniors in high school, and because I had a late birthday, I went abroad when I was 15 years old.  One of the first words I learned on my first day in Sweden was ‘condom’—kondommer.  That is because the condoms were displayed in colorful cartoon packages (think green silly frogs) at the candy counter of the local market.  Rotary exchange students learn resiliency and to navigate all kinds of situations.  For me, one such moment was trying to buy condoms my first day in Sweden in front of my new friends.  Who am I?”
  • “I attended the first meeting of the Moscow Rotary Club in 1992, shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union.  I was in Moscow helping to launch the first English-language daily newspaper in Russia, which still exists today. Who am I?”
Answers:  Brian Wilbur, Ann Coyne, Jim Johnston, Mary Berens, Walt Cottrell, Kate Finn, Gary Stewart
Heidi declared this meeting the BEST MEETING ever!


Newsletter Reporter:  Joanne Lamoureux
Photographer:  Mike Brown
Newsletter Editor:  Loralyn Light
Set-up Zoom:  Brett Bossard
Recording Archive:  Paul Martin; click here
Club Service Facilitator:  June Losurdo