January 26, 2022

Reporter:  Margaret Frank
President Catrina opened the hybrid meeting with the Four Way Test read in unison by all.
There were no guests or visiting Rotarians.


Dozen Dinner Draw:  Jo-Ellen Hedlund shared that we have 62 tickets left to sell.  The DDD drawing will be held on February 9th.  Tickets are $50 and a generous donor will match $100 for each ticket sold.  The money from the DDD will go to programs that invest in girls. 
For DDD tickets:  Be part of the solution NOW, before we draw the winning tickets* on February 9th!  Order your ticket by sending an email to Rotarian Ray Brisson at brisson.ray@gmail.com or by visiting

Thought for the Day

Jeff True gave a brief history of Paul Harris and how he founded Rotary and was chosen as the first Rotary National President.  January 27th is the 75th anniversary of Paul Harris's passing.  Jeff shared quotes from an article Paul Harris wrote as National President in 1911 titled Rational Rotarianism:
“If by interposition of Providence I some day were to find myself standing on a platform in some great Coliseum looking into the eyes of every living Rotarian, and were to be told that I could have one word to say, without an instant's hesitation and at the top of my voice I would shout ‘Tolerations!’
“Rotary is a new concentration of forces and possesses potentialities which no other club or organization possesses.  This may be said of it even of its local aspect.  When considered in its National aspect it occupies a position which is unique, without parallel.  There is no civic or semi-civic organization in existence which is in a position to exercise the influence on national affairs that Rotary is.”


Joe Giordano introduced the speaker, Liza Burger, the Executive Director of Life Long.  Liza has been the executive director since 2020.  Life Long is located at 119 W. Court St. and has 1,000 active members.  The organization serves older adults in the community, providing access to learning, health and wellness, creative arts, travel, and programs such as Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) and the Health Insurance Information, Counseling, and Assistance Program (HIICAP).  Rotary recently provided a grant to Life Long to replace lighting in the computer lab.  Annual membership dues are $25 for an individual and $40 for a household.  Due to the pandemic, Life Long has shifted to more virtual options for its members.  If you are interested in the tax program, please call 607/216-7622.

Happy Dollars

  • Nancy and George celebrated the drilling of wells number 91 and 92 in Costa Rica that are helping many families and a whole community. 
  • Linda Pasto celebrated her granddaughter’s 13th birthday!
  • Kelly Buck celebrated the upcoming Unity House annual dinner and asked for help finding some big-ticket items to offer as raffle prizes.
Prior to the close of the meeting there was time for fellowship both online and for the in-person group.

This Week’s Program

Svante Myrick will present “My fourteen years as Mayor of Ithaca.”