President: Catrina VanAtta
President-Elect: Mary Kane
Vice President: "Six Pack"
Treasurer: Kati Flynn
Secretary: Joanne Lamoureux 

News 2022-05-25
May 26, 2022
Reporter:  Gail Lyman

Wednesday’s meeting:
J. Paul Jennette, MS, PE, CBSP
Director of Biocontainment Operations, CVM
Meeting on Zoom only


Everyone recited the Four-Way Test with the words posted on the Zoom screen.
There were no guests or visiting Rotarians.


  • Linda Pasto; photo Mike BrownAly Evans, Executive Director of Foodnet Meals on Wheels, will receive an award at the TC Chamber of Commerce’s 2022 Annual Celebration & Award Ceremony to be held on June 16th.
  • Linda Pasto gave a District Grant update for the Lansing Lunchbox.  Their proposal of “Summer Fresh Produce Market” was unanimously recommended at the district level; final approval is expected from the Rotary Foundation.
  • Ron Provus reported that his team is still working on an in-person Rotary meeting location.
  • Jean McPheeters continues to collect donations for Soap for Hope/Rotary Linen Closet.  Items (toothpaste, toothbrushes, dish soap, bar soap, razors, diapers, linens) are to be delivered to Beverly Baker’s home, 320 S. Geneva St.  Look for the big plastic tub near her driveway.
  • Nancy Potter reported that after a pause, well drilling for clean water has restarted in a Costa Rican rural town using our DDD funds.
  • Linda Brisson shared that we expect to have two inbound exchange sudents coming to us.  One is from Brazil (speaks Portuguese) who has had his application received and approved (Lansing High School).  Search for host families has started.  Note that the first host family must have either a Lansing High School student in the family or in the neighborhood.
  • President Catrina announced that Denise DiNoto’s (DGE, D7190) presentation, “Disability—the Other ‘D’ in DEI,” will take place on June 1st at 7:00 PM.  Register in advance at this link.

Teri Tarshus; photo Mike Brown



Teri Tarshus shared one of the quotes that gives her daily inspiration:
“Life is like a camera.  Focus on what’s important.  Capture the good times.  And if things don’t work out, just take another shot” (Ziad K. Abdelnour).


“Tompkins Chamber:  Major Accomplishments and Initiatives of the Past Two Years”
Ron Provus introduced Jennifer Tavares, President & CEO of the Chamber of Commerce.
Jennifer Tavares; photo Mike BrownJennifer recited the Tompkins Chamber’s mission:  “to promote and sponsor projects which positively impact the quality of life, community health, economic successes, the recruitment and retention of a talented and adequate workforce, and yield long-term benefits for the residents of Tompkins County and the vision to build a vibrant, active, supportive, and diverse community of entrepreneurs, residents, businesses, and non-profit organizations.”
In fulfillment of this mission, Jennifer discussed the Chamber’s current projects and initiatives, which rely on partnerships with the City of Ithaca, Tompkins County, Cornell University, and Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3).  These projects and initiatives include the Microenterprise Assistance Program, Live in Ithaca, the Downtown Ithaca Conference Center, Tompkins Connect, and the Collegetown Small Business Alliance (CSBA).
The Chamber Foundation partners with Tompkins County in the delivery of the Microenterprise Assistance Program that promotes Tompkins County’s microenterprise startups and expansions through education, technical assistance, resources, and grant funding.  The Live in Ithaca initiative fosters workforce recruitment, retention, and candidate relocation support for employers and their teams.  From its inception, the Tompkins Chamber has been engaged with the creation of a Downtown Ithaca Conference Center by attracting five million dollars in NYS capital funding for the project.  Tompkins Connect provides marketing, coordination, and recruitment support for a young professionals networking group with fiscal and administrative support from the Chamber Foundation.  Through partnerships with Cornell University and TC3, the Tompkins Chamber Foundation has been the fiscal sponsor of projects to improve Collegetown’s streetscape and business environment.
Visit Ithaca, a division of Tompkins Chamber, is the official tourism website for Ithaca, NY.  It manages two full-service visitor centers, one at Taughannock Falls Overlook and the other at the Downtown Ithaca Visitor Center.
Tompkins Chamber will soon be moving their administrative offices to 124 Brindley Street, but this location will not include a Visitor Center.


Newsletter Reporter:  Gail Lyman
Photographer:  Mike Brown
Newsletter Editor:  Loralyn Light
Set-up Zoom:  Brett Bossard
Recording Archive:  Paul Martin; click here
Club Service Facilitator:  June Losurdo