President: Catrina VanAtta
President-Elect: Mary Kane
Vice President: Joe Giordano
Treasurer: Kati Flynn • Secretary: Joanne Lamoureux 

News 2021-12-22

Wednesday’s meeting:
Frank Towner, “The Joys of Membership”

Hybrid Meeting at Coltivare and on Zoom
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December 22, 2021


Four-Way Test —
The Four-Way Test was recited by all — 14 gathered at Coltivare, and others on Zoom (the latter of which was an “audio trainwreck” according to a reliable source).

The Thought for the Day —
Joanne Lamoureux filled in for Beverly Baker (bb). Joanne has always loved the television show “MASH” and presented a video clip from an episode that took place on Christmas, truly one of her favorite episodes, Dona Nobis Pacem — Give Us Peace.


  • Dozen Dinner Draw (DDD). Beneficiaries for 2022 are UNIFAT Primary School in Uganda, and Days for Girls. Tickets are $50, with a goal to sell 300 by February 2. The drawing is February 9, during our regular Wednesday meeting. Reserve tickets at meetings, on Zoom via Chat, and at the DDD website, At Rotary meetings pay by cash, check, credit card, or PayPal for Rotary Club of Ithaca. Email Rotarian Ray Brisson, (don’t send credit card info in your email).
  • Annual Salvation Army Bell Ringing: Larry Robinson gave a shout out to all of the volunteers who rang the bell: Walt and Jeannie Cottrell, Geoff Dunn, Dale Flinn, Joe Giordano, Loretta Goss, Jo-Ellen Hedlund, Loralyn Light, Gail Lyman, Harlin McEwen, Dave Martin, Mel Richards, Jeff True, Jessica Verfuss, John Vineyard, and Brian and Chris Wilbur. Thank you!
  • President Catrina presented a monetary gift (collected at the previous meeting) to the staff of Coltivare for their service through the year. Thank you so very, very much.
  • Jeff True presented a t-shirt to Frank Towner that read, “Don’t make me use my bus driver voice!” Frank worked for 26 years at the YMCA, and in January he will begin driving school bus for the Lansing Central School District.



Jeff True introduced David Stern, leader of the Boyce Thompson Institute, pilot, and past President of the Ithaca Farmers Market (IFM). David’s presentation was about “The Future of the Ithaca Farmers Market”. Studies showed that if parking was easier and solved the flow of traffic, business could increase by $500,000-$700,000. IFM was just notified of its success in obtaining a second round of LWRP funding. They have received the full amount requested: $3.2M plus $600K matching to be raised by IFM. Friends of the Market, a 501(c)(3) under IRS review, will play a major role in building community partnerships and getting the project to completion. Visit



Bulletin Reporter: Loralyn Light
Photographer: Mike Brown
Bulletin Editor: Joanne Lamoureux

Set-up: Rich Sholtys, Brad Carruth, and Juliet Gibbs, as well as the Coltivare staff

Club Service Facilitators, Beverly Baker & June Losurdo
Sunshine Chair, Kellyann O’Mara



January 5, 2022
Hybrid meeting at Coltivare and on Zoom

Frank Towner, “The Joys of Membership”

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