President: Mary Kane
President-Elect: "Les Six"
Vice President: Angela Sullivan
Treasurer: Kati Flynn
Secretary: Joanne Lamoureux 

News 2022-10-19
October 19, 2022
Reporter:  Gail Lyman

Wednesday’s meeting:
Ken Rother, Entrepreneur in Residence
REV Ithaca, Southern Tier Start-Up Alliance
St. Catherine of Siena and on Zoom
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Mary Kane; photo Mike BrownPresident Mary called the meeting to order, and we recited the Four-Way Test in unison.  She continued to encourage us to reflect on our personal interactions with others and our “do goodery” throughout the week.
Our guests were introduced:  Greg Kops from Mworks, guest of Richard Kops, and Paul Walsh from HeartPath Healing & Coaching, guest of our speaker.
New members attending included Todd Nau from 15 Steps, Beth Prudence from Morgan Stanley, Sarah Segal from The Plantsmen, and Shine Gonzalez from CFCU.


Please sign up your guests for Visitors Day!  The deadline to sign up is November 3rd.  Please help us get as many visitors there as possible by reaching out to friends and colleagues and inviting them to Visitors Day (12-1:15 PM, November 9th, St. Catherine of Siena).  Lunch is free for our guests; sign up your visitors here.  If you are having trouble signing up online, contact Sherrie Negrea at  Our goal is to bring 30-plus community members to this membership event!  On your invitation, you can include a link to Mary’s interview on “All Things Equal,” the radio show hosted by Ithaca Rotarian Gary Stewart.
President Mary announced the board meeting:  Tuesday, October 25th at 5 PM at the Tompkins County building.  November is Rotary Foundation month.
Richard Kops gave an update on the Share the Warmth project:  the first volunteer opportunity is to set up our red boxes around the city on Saturday, November 5th.  Four pairs of volunteers with four vehicles (trucks or SUVs are best) are needed to transport the box panels to their respective locations and assemble them.  Also, volunteers are needed to collect clothing on weekends, sort and bag clothing (Mondays, Wednesdays, & Saturdays), and distribute clothing (at Catholic Charities).  Sign up here!
Sherrie Negrea; photo Mike BrownSherrie Negrea, co-chair of the Voice of Rotary committee, informed us of our Rotary Club’s recent publicity in two publications:  Tompkins Weekly (October 19-25), Gary Stewart’s “East Hill Notes” on Ithaca Rotary’s leadership history highlighting trailblazer and Past President James L. Gibbs; and Ithaca Times (October 13), “Rotary Club of Ithaca Announces 2022 Grant Awardees.”
The Ukrainian Relief Committee has scheduled a live interview between committee co-chair Gary Stewart and two Ukrainians (Yuliya Bitner and Myroslav Panchystryn) from the Lviv Rotary Club for our November 9th Visitors Day.  Yuliya describes recent drone bombings as being the “worst days of the war,” but found that joining Rotary “lifted her out of depression.”  Both Yuliya and Myroslav will be giving a presentation showing the inadequate conditions of bomb shelters at two elementary schools in Lviv and how they could be refurbished with new furniture, activity tables, kitchen, utilities, and bathroom facilities.
Gertrude Noden is proposing two grants offering aid to Ukraine:  a District 7170 grant ($25,000) to provide water purification kits to Ukraine, and a second for laying the foundation for a Rotary International Relief Grant proposal for adequately equipping school bomb shelters in the Lviv Rotary Club area.  In addition, our Ukrainian Relief Committee will be raising money through Happy Dollars and a concert planned for 2023.


Linda Brisson; photo Mike BrownLinda Brisson started her Thought for the Day with her own Rotary aphorism: “You never know what opportunities will be given to you at a Rotary meeting.”  She received a “Rotary Opportunity” several years ago while attending a meeting at the Owego Rotary Club when she was offered a ticket to see the Dalai Lama at Syracuse University.  This serendipitous experience left her enthralled with how easily the Dalai Lama could relate to every individual in his audience.  She shared with us some of the Dalai Lama’s quotes on love:
  • “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.  Without them humanity cannot survive.”
  • “When we feel love and kindness towards others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace.”
Linda went on to say that her last quote was one that some of us might have heard in a different context:  “Loving oneself is crucial.  If we do not love ourselves, how can we love others?”  Linda offered $25 Happy Dollars if anyone could tell her on which show this last quote was used, with slightly different wording.  George Ferrari answered correctly:  “Ru Paul’s Drag Race.”


Brett Bossard, filling in for Gary Ferguson, introduced Gladys Brangman, the founder of Business Leaders of Colors (BLOC).
Gladys Brangman; photo Mike BrownBLOC is a network of business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, and social justice leaders who are focused on helping BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) businesses to succeed.  As the founder of BLOC, Gladys stated that the network had been established to serve “overlooked and underrepresented business owners of colors.”  She recognized that “all is not equal in the business world” and that BLOC is needed to help level the playing field by creating a supportive space for commerce that benefits the under-served business community.  She emphasized that collaboration along with guidance, mentorship, and training from other successful businesses can provide a boost to newly established business owners by giving them an environment for success.  This was reiterated with her aphorism:  “when you know better, you do better.”
Gladys offered ways we, as individuals, can give financial and community support to BIPOC-owned businesses in the Ithaca area.  If you have a successful local business, you can “be intentional” in the building of a business relationship with a BIPOC-owned  entrepreneur by being a mentor, including them in your business networking circles, and sharing your business expertise.  You can also offer financial support to the business by being a loyal customer, sharing the business with your social circles, sponsoring the business in a community event, and writing a favorable review of the business.


  • Paul Martin; photo Mike BrownLinda Brisson: $25 for her Thought for the Day trivia challenge
  • Brett Bossard: $5 for five weeks at his new Ithaca College position
  • President Mary: $5, just because of all the good service going on in our club
  • John Vineyard: $10 for his son’s recent marriage
  • Paul Martin: $20 for his daughter surviving the blackout as an exchange student in Spain; all host families are now confirmed, with Jack Roscoe being the third host family
  • Jack Goldstein: $5 for his spouse Heidi feeling better after her shoulder surgery
  • Sarah Segal: $5 for the memory of her late uncle and the importance of medical screening
  • Bob Sprole: $5 for his daughter’s report of the first snow this past week in Jamestown (NY)
  • Ron Provis: $5 for Visitors’ Day on November 9th
  • Brad Carruth: $5, his daughter, now working at Weill Medical School, moved into her new cooperative apartment in Queens
Happy Dollars for our November 2nd and 9th meetings will go towards our Ukrainian Relief Project.


Newsletter Reporter:  Gail Lyman
Photographer:  Mike Brown
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