President: Catrina VanAtta
President-Elect: Mary Kane
Vice President: Joe Giordano
Treasurer: Kati Flynn • Secretary: Joanne Lamoureux 

News 2022-03-30
March 30, 2022
Reporter:  Margaret Frank

Wednesday’s meeting:
Derek Osborne, Tompkins County Sheriff
Update on the Sheriff’s Department re: pandemic & service improvements
Zoom Meeting ONLY


President Catrina rang in the meeting, which is the last meeting in March!
Heidi Goldstein:  Why did we stand for the Four-Way Test?  It’s because we always recited the Pledge of Allegiance.  We don’t have to stand for the Four-Way Test.  Heidi prefaced our recitation saying “of the things we think, say, and do,” and all joined in for:  “Is it the truth?”  “Is it fair to all concerned?”  “Will it build good will and better friendships?”  “Will it be beneficial to all concerned?”  She asked us to think about how the Four-Way Test impacts our everyday life.  What does it mean to us?  What is the significance and importance of it as a Rotarian?


Jean McPheeters introduced members of Noel Desch’s family:  his widow Janet Desch, their son William Desch, and daughter Betsy Desch and her husband William Shaff.
Bob Gravani then asked how many people had seen our Adopt-A-Highway Program sign with the added panel “In Memory of Noel Desch?”
Noel joined the Ithaca Rotary Club in 1972 (with Bob Kenerson as his sponsor) and epitomized a Rotarian; he lived the Four-Way Test.  When the Department of Transportation started the highway sponsorship program, Noel thought it would be a good idea for Rotary to sponsor a part of Rt. 13 and clean it up.  First a Cornell fraternity was assigned a section of the road, but did a poor job so they lost it.  Our club was then assigned that two-mile section of Rt. 13.  It was always a pleasure to work with Noel as he was very organized and had an eye for detail.  More was shared about all that Noel accomplished in his life—which was A LOT.  A kind and patient man with great integrity, Noel was always respectful and a great listener.  He often said “Every day is a gift and you live every day to the fullest.”  Bob hopes that the signs will remind all of us of Noel’s dedication to this wonderful community we call home.  Be on the look out for our sign on Rt. 13!
Jean McPheeters had known Noel through Rotary, but she described how wonderful Noel was as a friend and then as a mentor when she began as President of the TC Chamber of Commerce and Noel was Chair of the Board.  Through two examples Jean detailed the ways that exemplified his talents as an extraordinary leader!


  • Bob Gravani invited members to join in the next Highway Clean-Up Day, Saturday, April 23rd, in conjunction with Earth Day.  Meet at 9 AM at the Tops on Triphammer Rd; look for folks with hard hats and vests!  Safety equipment will be provided; wear sturdy shoes and bring a water bottle (and mask, if desired).  For registration and questions, contact Mary-Lynn Cummings:, 607/227-5790.
  • Richard Kops reminded everyone that the Rotary social will take place on Thursday, April 7th from 5 to 7 PM at Coltivare.  There will be club-sponsored hors d’oeuvres (donations accepted), with members purchasing their beverages.  We have been experiencing a loss of socialization for a long time due to COVID and hybrid meetings, so this event will allow us to meet as friends.  Please bring others who might be interested in attending and/or becoming a Rotarian.


Cornell University recently honored the life and legacy of past President Frank H. T. Rhodes, so Bob Gravani thought that it would be a nice idea to select today’s thought from his words:  “As you continue life’s journey, I encourage you to ride more merry-go-rounds and eat more ice cream.  That doesn’t mean a life of hedonism, but it does mean a life lived in the present which is the only time we have.”


District 7170 and Our Neighbors:  Merging 7170, 7150 and 7190
President Catrina sent out the prepared slideshow to all club members; the slides cover many questions around the topic of redistricting.
Why are we redistricting?  When a district is lower than 1,100 members; our district is not technically below 1,100, but we’re getting there. Better to merge now with districts that are below that number and that we work with regularly.
The redistricting would go into effect July 1, 2024.
Our board voted unanimously to go along with the plan.
There was a lot of discussion during the meeting with great questions and informative answers.  Members were urged to cast their votes by 5 PM that day.
President Catrina emailed all of the members to inform us that our club had approved going forward with the redistricting.
Next Wednesday the meeting will only be on zoom, not in person.
*** If you miss a meeting or want to hear something again, Rotarian Paul Martin created a YouTube station with our meeting recordings in a single place, beginning with the February 23, 2022 meeting; check it out here.


Newsletter Reporter:  Margaret Frank
Photographer:  Mike Brown
Newsletter Facilitator:  Loralyn Light
Set-Up Crew:  Joe Giordano, Harlin McEwen, Dave Martin, and Steve Johnson
Zoom Team:  Catrina VanAtta
Club Service Facilitators:  Beverly Baker and June Losurdo