President: Mary Kane
President-Elect: "Les Six"
Vice President: Angela Sullivan
Treasurer: Kati Flynn
Secretary: Joanne Lamoureux 

News 2022-10-05
October 5, 2022
Reporter:  Loralyn Light

Wednesday’s meeting:
Amy Kremenek, President
Tompkins Cortland Community College
St. Catherine of Siena and on Zoom
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NOTE: you can watch previous meetings by going to our YouTube channel!
Secretary Joanne Lamoureux was honored to chair today’s meeting, covering for our President Mary who is still in COVID mode, and she opened with the Four-Way Test recited by everyone.
We’re welcoming a number of guests today for one of our favorite events—the distribution of Community Grants.  With our guests who might not know much about Rotary, I want to take a minute to offer a brief introduction.
The Ithaca Rotary Club is 107 years old, with lots of traditions.  Rotary is a service organization, with the motto of “Service above Self,” meaning that we think beyond our own personal needs to work together for the good of the whole—the whole club, the whole community, and even the whole world.  Without being political or religious, we choose to focus on our common values and common humanity.  Our members represent a broad range of professions and a broad range of ages.  We make friends here, and we work here for our community.
Mary Berens introduced our two exchange students, Bernardo and Emma, along with Emma’s host mother Leslie Vincent.
Jeremiah Craig introduced himself and said he had just submitted his application for membership!
And Joanne introduced guest Lisa Roan from Brookdale Senior Living, who is in the process of becoming a new member.


Gary Reinbolt gave us a quote from Mark Twain as his thought:
“Life is short, break the rules.  Forgive quickly, kiss slowly.  Laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you smile.”


Geoff Dunn read the October birthdays and anniversaries.  Then Joanne had half the room sing “Happy Birthday” through two times fast, while the other half sang the song through just one time, but slowly!  It was a bit chaotic, but fun!


  • Geoff Dunn reminded us that the Highway Cleanup is this coming Saturday, October 8th; Bob Gravani asked volunteers to report at 9 AM at the Tops on Triphammer.
  • Also on Saturday is the Youth Day Celebration in Cortland from 2 to 6 PM, including a Chicken BBQ by the Dryden Rotary Club.
  • And the seven Rotary Clubs in Tompkins and Cortland Counties are sponsoring a Habitat for Humanity home build at the White Hawk Eco Village in Danby on Saturday, October 29th.
  • Frank Towner reminded us that Wednesday, November 9th will be our first inaugural Visitors Day.  Bring a guest and/or friend and we’ll buy lunch!  Our goal is to net 12 new Rotarians this year.  Go on our website to register your guests.
  • Nancy Potter, on behalf of International Service, announced that we have donated $1,000 to Shelter Box to assist wherever it is needed.  Started by a Rotary Club in 2000, Shelter Box is now celebrating 20 years in partnership with Rotary International.  Shelter Box is a kit of supplies, including tent, cooking equipment, and bedding, etc. for those displaced from their homes.  Check out their website!
  • Harlin McEwen asked Joanne to announce that we have lost our Happy Dollars bowl!  If anyone knows where it is, please let them know!


Linda Brisson; photo Kelly BuckLinda Brisson introduced one of our Rotary exchange students, Bernardo, who is a student at Lansing High School.
Bernardo showed photos of his family and friends from Brazil; he speaks to his family once a week.  He also showed two photos of his family and friends from the US; he said that the Lansing HS students are really friendly and welcoming to him, and he even joined the football team!  Bernardo always wanted to become an exchange student and is realizing his dream.
Linda said that she and Ray went to see Bernardo play in a football game.  It was a very cold evening, and in thinking about that, Linda figured that this might be the coldest that he’s ever been!
Exchange student Emma came up to join Linda and Bernardo to exchange Rotary flags.  Both are excellent English speakers!


Kelly Buck & Bob GravaniKelly Buck thanked her co-chair Bob Gravani, and they’re glad that all of our recipients are here today.  She also thanked their committee members:  Aly Evans, Millie Clarke-Maynard, Sherri Koski, and Jack Roscoe, with assistance by Emma Terwilliger.
Pursuit for funding dollars has been tough the last few years during COVID.  We had $5,000 to start with, and then an anonymous donor came forward and said that if the club raised $5,000 more, the donor would match it with a $5,000 donation.
The call for proposals went out on June 22, 2022, with the proposals due August 5th.  The review meeting took place on September 15th, with 24 applications.  Award notifications were made to 15 organizations on September 21, 2022 totaling $14,508:
Alcohol and Drug Council of Tompkins County - $995
  To purchase 1,000 fentanyl test strips
Catholic Charities - $1,000
  To purchase new shoes for children
  Renee Spear/Michaela Cortright,
Civic Ensemble - $1,000
  To partner with the Sciencenter to host a residency
  Julia Taylor,
Communitas ALC - $1,000
  To purchase supplies for Tompkins Magical Arts Collective
Grant recipient & Kelly BuckDowntown Ithaca Children’s Center - $793
  Building improvements for a safe, welcoming space
  Meghan Guerra Lyons,
Family Reading Partnership - $1,000
  To purchase children’s books
  Amber Smith,
Finger Lakes Independence Center - $1,000
  To help fund an aluminum ramp for an individual with a disability
  Jan Lynch,
Habitat for Humanity - $1,000
  To purchase ladders, saw, and work platforms
  Shannon MacCarrick,
Hospicare & Palliative Care Services of Tompkins County - $1,000
  To create a Food Wishes Fund
  Emily Hopkins,
Ithaca Murals c/o Southside Community Center - $1,000
  To support black artists to reawaken the Underground Railroad mural on Green St.
  Dorothy Lovelace,
Mental Health Association of Tompkins County - $1,000
  To purchase Meeting Owl (virtual meeting technology)
  Micaela Corazon,
Southworth Library Association - $725
  Lunch and Learn workshop series at the Library
Stablework Corporation - $1,000
  To purchase materials for vocational training
  Lisa Krizman,
Sustainable Finger Lakes, Inc. - $995
  To purchase video camera, tripod and editing software
Varna Community Association, Inc. - $1,000
  To create and install signage for a new trail system
  Jan Morgan,
The Community Grants Committee requests that the remaining $500 be rolled into the 2023 grants cycle.
Joanne thanked everyone for being at the meeting and announced that TC3 President Amy Kremenek will be our speaker next week, here at St. Catherine’s.


Name:  Lisa Roan
Business:  Brookdale Senior Living
Position:  Director of Sales and Marketing
Sponsor:  Ron Provus
Name:  Christie Thornton
Business:  YMCA of Ithaca & Tompkins County
Position:  CEO
Sponsor:  Frank Towner
Name:  Jeremiah Craig
Business:  Jeremiah Craig Media, LLC
Position:  Owner
Sponsor:  Heidi Goldstein
Name:  Joe Sammons
Business:  Hospicare and Palliative Care Services of Tompkins County
Position:  CEO
Sponsor:  Ron Provus


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Greeter:  Richard Kops
Newsletter Editor:  Loralyn Light
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Set-up Zoom:  Bez Thomas
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