President: Mary Kane
President-Elect: "Les Six"
Vice President: Angela Sullivan
Treasurer: Kati Flynn
Secretary: Joanne Lamoureux 

News 2022-07-06
July 6, 2022
Reporter:  Gail Lyman

Wednesday’s meeting:
President Mary Kane
“Report to the Membership, including Survey Results”
Meeting only on Zoom


Jean McPheeters opened our meeting as the MC for this Pass the Gavel meeting honoring 2021–22 President Catrina VanAtta and welcoming incoming President Mary Kane.
In unison, President Catrina led us in the Four-Way Test.
 “America the Beautiful” was sung by Jack Roscoe, Loretta Goss, Loralyn Light, and Jean McPheeters, with Bill Cowdery at the (newly-tuned) piano.
Rotarians were asked to introduce the guests at their tables.


  • Kelly Buck reminded us to sign up for the 9th annual Rotary Road Rally to be held on Sunday, July 24th.  Register online:
  • Mary Kane announced that our last Zoom-only meeting is next week, July 13th.
  • “In-Person Plus” (with Zoom as the “Plus”) begins Wednesday, July 20, 12:15–1:20 PM at St. Catherine’s Community Center, 309 Siena Drive, Ithaca (off Hanshaw Road).  Lunches will be ordered from and delivered by Adam’s Corners Café.  If interested in helping with setup contact Brad Carruth:


Fitting in with 2022–23 Rotary International President Jennifer Jones’ theme “Imagine Rotary,” Geoff Dunn delivered the following quotes:
  • “We have to imagine change before we can begin to move towards it.”  – Gloria Steinem
  • “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.  And if you can dream it, you can become it.”  – William Arthur Ward
  • “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”  – Albert Einstein
  • “Everything you can imagine is real.”  – Pablo Picasso


In speaking about her Rotary year, President Catrina thanked:
  • Melissa Coville for introducing her to Rotary
  • Brett Bossard for initiating her as a new member
  • June Losurdo for the coffee meeting asking her to be Rotary President
  • Set-up crew for always being “ready and willing”
  • Rotary board for putting up with the curve balls given them throughout her year
  • Nick Romo as her “silent partner” and sounding board
The Rotary Chorus then sang “Catrina,” with words by Gary Stewart (and edits by members of the chorus) to the tune of Paul Simon’s “Cecilia,” aptly led by former member Bill Cowdery from the piano.
Then to piano music by Bill Cowdery, all of the past Rotary Presidents in attendance processed in order of their presidential years beginning with outgoing President Catrina and ending with incoming President Mary Kane.
To strains of Irish music from the piano, Catrina and Mary exchanged pins; that is, Mary Kane pinned a Past President’s pin on Catrina, and Catrina VanAtta presented Mary with her President’s pin.
A slide show with photos of Mary Kane and her family and friends began running, and June Losurdo and Loralyn Light commenced cutting and serving a most beautiful Rotary cake, prepared by Wegmans through the generosity of Rotary Past President Beverly Baker.
President Mary wants us to start this year respecting and learning from Rotarians who have gone before us, recognizing the needs and opportunities for service that are in front of us, and approaching this new Rotary year with resolve as “people of action.”  She “imagines” an Ithaca Rotary Club where each member contributes their individual talents, feels a sense of belonging in an inclusive and diverse club environment, and supports other club members while working collaboratively towards a “common cause.”  To give each club member a sense of purpose towards this “common cause,” Mary wants each of us to say “YES” to perform one club task consistently throughout this Rotary year.
We raised our champagne-filled glasses (there was only about a half inch of liquid in each glass!) to Mary’s encouraging words:  “Please raise a glass as we imagine ourselves doing together what no one of us would ever attempt alone.  Imagine our community and how it might look a year from now” when we “respect where we have come from, value our brothers and sisters, recognize the great opportunities given us, and resolve to change what is to what can be.”
Jean McPheeters introduced special guests Mother Superior and the Rosary Club (you had to be there to see it!  In real life, they are Joanne Florino, Perri LoPinto, Nancy Massicci, and Brigid Hubberman).  Mother Superior gave Mary Kane the moniker “Proud Mary” for Mary’s pride for everything that  she’s done with other Rotarians and will do for Rotary in the future.
The Rotary Chorus, joined by Mother Superior and the Rosary Club, presented “Proud Mary” (or “Rollin’ on Cayuga”) with words by Gary Stewart (and edits by members of the chorus) to John Fogerty’s “Proud Mary,” again led by Bill Cowdery from the piano (without whom this song would not have been possible!).
Jean McPheeters presented a gift to President Catrina:  a soul pin for being the “Soul of Rotary” and a lovely Rotary scarf.
President Mary Kane rang the bell to close the first meeting of the new Rotary year.


Name:  Todd Nau
Business:  15 Steps
Position:  Owner
Sponsor:  Ron Provus
Classification:  to be determined


Newsletter Reporter: Gail Lyman
Photographer:  Mike Brown
Newsletter Editor:  Loralyn Light
Set-Up Crew:  Harlin McEwen, Dave Martin, Brad Carruth, Richard Kops
Set-up Zoom:  Brett Bossard
Recording Archive:  Paul Martin; click here
Club Service Facilitator:  June Losurdo

Catrina (words by Gary Stewart, edits by Rotary Chorus)
Trina, you’ve captured our hearts, you’ve shaped all our lives ev’ry Wednesday.
Oh, Catrina, we’re down on our knees, we’re begging you please to hear thanks! 
Hear our thanks!
Doing Zoom in the afternoon with our friends up in their own rooms,
I got up to wash my face, when I came back to lunch, Trina’s rockin’ the place.
Trina, you’ve captured our hearts…
Oh, Catrina, we thank you again for your courage and love, and your smiles.
Oh, Catrina, we thank you once more for your leadership over the miles.
Here’s our thanks!
Proud Mary (Rollin’ on Cayuga) (words by Gary Stewart, edits by Rotary Chorus)
Rotary, (Rotary), Mary, (Mary), Rollin’ on Cayuga (Rollin’ on Cayuga). 2X
1. Got a good job in the city, workin’ for our club ev’ry night and day.
Mary’s not one for hootin’ and hollers, or thinkin’ much about our Happy Dollars.
Service wheel keep on turnin’, Proud Mary keep on churnin’
Rotary, (Rotary), Mary, (Mary), Rollin’ on Cayuga (Rollin’ on Cayuga). 2X
2. Developed good concepts in the city, mappin’ and wisdom at her C S I.
She’ll ring the bell right after noon, and long for the days that we’re not on Zoom.
3. With Mary in charge of our meetings, Rotary spirit will continue to grow,
Talents and caring, and helping folks live, so people in our club will be happy to give.