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Keith Liao: Bouldering at Cayuga Climbs

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July 21, 2021


Dear Club Members and Friends,

The newsletter is in a transition phase. As many of you may know, I am stepping aside after 10 years as newsletter editor. We want to make sure that important information gets out to you, including announcements and recognition of those who contribute to the week’s meeting, so until such time as a new editor has settled in, we will be publishing and sending out an abbreviated format, of which this is the first.

Our dedicated — and awesome — volunteer team of reporters will continue their vital roles, now sending their notes to Joanne Lamoureux who will edit them, and send them to me to send out to you.

Thank you for your understanding during the transition, and please thank the members of our reporting team when you see them: Kelly Buck, Gail Lyman, Margaret Frank, Loralyn Light, and of course, Joanne!

Endless thanks also to Mike Brown for his wonderful photography, and 15 months of screenshots. Mike will continue to take pictures, which will be archived, though will only make it into the newsletter on occasion.

Thank you for letting me into your email inbox every week over the years! It’s been a true honor (and a lot of fun!)



Thanks to Anne Coyne, Linda Pasto, Steve Savage, and Melissa Coville for reciting the Four-Way Test

We welcomed our guest Vanessa Westberry (Bob Sprole’s granddaughter), and returning member Melissa Coville.

The Thought for the Day was given by Brad Carruth, who quoted Susan B. Anthony.



  • The 25th Annual Job Fair will be held in August. Volunteers are welcome, contact Finger Lakes Independence Center
  • The Road Rally is looking for prizes for participants – please contact IPP Geoff Dunn
  • New Membership Committee Co-Chair PP Frank Towner will be encouraging all members to recruit new members, and has sent an ambitious goal of reaching a roster of 200 members (looking to bring in 49 new members!)
  • Gertrude Noden provided an update for the UNIFAT program that is supported by DDD funds.


  • Mary Berens, $32, for 32 years in Rotary
  • Joanne Lamoureux, $10, happy to see Vanessa Westberry
  • Jack Roscoe, outstanding to be here!
  • Brad Carruth, glad to be back in person
  • Heidi Goldstein, $5, she is participating in a craft fair with her art works



Program Chair Larry Robinson introduced Brian Keating, physicist from UC San Diego, who spoke to us virtually. Find info at “We are stardust, we are golden.”



Visiting Rotarians: None
Students: None

  • Thought for the Day, Brad Carruth
  • Introductions, Rotary hosts introduced their guests
Zoom Manager:

Bulletin Reporter: Joanne Lamoureux
Photographer: Mike Brown
Bulletin Editor: Joanne Lamoureux

Club Service Facilitators, Beverly Baker & June Losurdo
Sunshine Chair, Kellyann O’Mara



July 28, 2021
At Coltivare and on Zoom

Keith Liao: Bouldering at Cayuga Climbs

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