Steps in Sponsoring a New Member

  1. Identify a prospective member. Do they have the qualities we seek in a Rotarian? Will you be available to mentor your prospect once they have joined the club?
  2. Invite your prospective member to a club meeting. Their first lunch is free. Register your guest at the secretary's table. At the table where you pay for lunch, indicate on the form "Guest of the Club" Prospective Member. As their sponsor, you may wish to invite them to future club meetings and pay for their lunch (optional).
  3. If your prospective member, after our visiting our club, is interested in joining, you, as the sponsor, will fill out the application form and give it to the Club Secretary, Bettsie Park, or mail it to Ithaca Rotary Club, P.O. Box 306, Ithaca, NY 14851. Please check to make sure that the application is filled out completely. The application form is available at the Secretary's table or online at the club's website (download here).
  4. The application proceeds through three steps: classification, one notice in the newsletter and approval by the Board of Directors. Once this process is completed, an orientation will be scheduled for you and your prospect.
  5. If, following the orientation, your prospect agrees to join, they will sign a form indicating that they understand the benefits, obligations and responsibilities of becoming a Rotarian. After receiving the commitment form, the club secretary will generate an invoice based on the commitment date, which will be e-mailed to the prospect. Payment is due two weeks from the invoice date.
  6. Upon receipt of payment, your prospect is a member of our club and will be scheduled for a club introduction. You will introduce your new member. Please keep the introduction brief, but informative. After the introduction you will give the information to the newsletter editor for publication.
  7. Your new member will receive their membership packet, Rotary pin and New Member badge at the introduction. You, as sponsor, will receive a coupon for a free lunch.
  8. Once the new member is introduced to the club, please be sure to help them find their place in Rotary. Introduce them to other Rotarians, invite them to participate in Rotary service projects and continue to inform and educate them about Rotary.

Please print and keep this sheet and review these steps with your prospect.

Thank you for sponsoring a new member!